Can the lead seal be replaced by an ordinary lock?

by:Liaoseal     2021-03-25
Lead seals are also called locks. Both lock locks and key locks belong to a type of lock. So why use lead seals instead of key locks to seal things? We all know that an important feature of lead seals is: lead seals belong to disposable locks, so their price is relatively low, generally only one-tenth of the key lock. It can be considered that customers who need to use many locks to reduce costs, other seal operations are simple, only need to pass the seal line through the key hole to tighten the seal. The lead seal is easy to handle. After the seal is used, if you want to open it, you can only use the seal pliers to cut it off. The cut seal is directly invalidated and cannot be used again. The next time you use it will be replaced with a new one, which is convenient for calculation. However, the key lock needs the corresponding key every time it is opened. If many locks are required to be used, it is difficult to handle the key. The lead sealing line on the lead seal can be customized according to the customer's needs without length. It is more suitable for sealing in messy occasions, but the general key lock can not reach it. Lead seals are irreplaceable by ordinary key locks regardless of their functional characteristics or handling. With the advancing of the age, lead seal products are becoming more and more perfect and their functional characteristics are becoming stronger and stronger. Comes a lot of convenience.
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