Can the seal wire rope be used after it is rusted?

by:Liaoseal     2021-05-19

A few days ago, the editor explained to us that rubber-coated steel wire can be used for steel wire seals. Because a layer of plastic can block the steel wire rope from humid air, it can prevent the wire rope from rusting, but the use of rubber-coated steel wire will increase the cost. However, the steel wire rope rusts easily when it is not covered with plastic. When this situation is encountered, do we need to discard it and replace it with a steel wire seal?

The editor informs us that the rusty steel wire seals can be used, but it is very laborious to use. Because the diameter of the rusty steel wire rope becomes larger, it affects the circulation of the steel wire rope through the keyhole of the lock body. The keyhole in the body is also rusty, and the difficulty of using it will also increase. Except for the effect on the sealing process, rust has no effect on the tensile strength of the steel wire rope and the sealing effect of the steel wire seal.

Therefore, if the wire rope is rusted, there is no need to discard it for a new application. The rusty wire seal can be used continuously. In order to prevent the wire rope from rusting, the wire seal can be stored in a relatively boring environment to ensure The sealing process is not affected. The lead seal is actually a kind of seal, which is used to seal various containers. Once sealed, it cannot be opened easily unless it is forced to open.

So the lead seal is like putting a seal on the goods. It cannot be opened without permission. Some legal issues may also be involved. For example, the seal that is sealed by the customs is determined not to be opened, or it will be opened. It Will cause offense. And with the development of science and technology, the lead seal is constantly being updated, and its update speed is synchronized with the speed of science and technology development.

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