Can the steel wire seal be replaced with other locks?

by:Liaoseal     2021-04-30

Steel wire seals are a large number of types in the lead seal book, with a lot of product models and product characteristics. After deploying steel wires of different lengths and diameters, you can get used to the application environment of different occupations. As for why use steel wire seals to seal things instead of key locks?

As a one-time use seal product, the steel wire seal is easy to operate and inexpensive. Wire seals basically use the tightening method of locking. You only need to pass the steel wire through the lock hole to complete the sealing of the goods, and it can also be tightened by tightening the steel wire. And the price of steel wire seals is cheap, generally only one-tenth of that of general key locks.

It is convenient to disassemble the steel wire seal. Because the key lock needs the corresponding key to open every time it is unlocked, when a large number of locks are required to be handled, the key lock will be difficult to handle. However, if the steel wire seal is selected, only a wire cutter is required, and the steel wire seal after disassembly is directly invalidated, which is convenient for calculation and re-sealing.

The steel wire length of the steel wire seal can be customized at will. Customize wires of different lengths at will. This is something that ordinary key locks can’t reach. It just so happens that this is enough to meet the needs of most customers. Compared with the wrong and messy lines like valve handle sealing, use special custom length The steel wire seal will be more suitable.

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