Can you use wire seals?

by:Liaoseal     2021-07-23

Steel wire seals are the most common and most widely used seal products on the market, but many users do not know how to use them when they first touch the lead wire seals?

Cut a length of seal wire of the length you need, such as 10cm, 15cm, etc. The seal wires that can be used in cooperation with plastic seals include rubber-coated steel wire, iron threaded seal wire, colorful rubber-coated wire, and copper wire Wait; take out a lead seal, usually, there are 3 holes: 2 on one side and 1 on the other side.

Put the cut length of the seal line from the bottom hole on the side with 2 holes, which is a hole at the bottom of the seal head (note that it should also pass directly through the hole on the rotary vane ), and then rotate one or two turns; at this time, the bottom is fixed, and then pass the other end of the seal line through the 2 holes outside the object you want to seal (for example, an electric meter), and then pass through the seal Attach two symmetrical holes, and then turn the lead clockwise to seal the top blade.

Rotate to the time you think it can be locked, stop the rotation, and then break off the top blade; the above is the wire seal, do you know how to use it? The specific introduction, if you have any questions about wire seals, prices, types, pictures, please pay attention to our obtaining the latest information on lead wire seals.

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