Classification of plastic seals and precautions for use

by:Liaoseal     2021-05-10

Plastic seal, an accessory made of plastic, used to fix wires, cables and other lines, can play a very firm fixing role, the method of use is very simple, and the cost of use is relatively low.

Classification of plastic seals:

1. Synthetic resin Synthetic resin is the most important component of plastics, and its content in plastics is generally 40% to 100%. Because of the large content and the nature of the resin often determines the nature of the plastic, people often regard the resin as a synonym for plastic. For example, confuse polyvinyl chloride resin with polyvinyl chloride plastics, and phenolic resins with phenolic plastics. In fact, resin and plastic are two different concepts.

Resin is an unprocessed raw polymer. It is not only used to make plastics, but also raw materials for paints, plastic seals, adhesives, and synthetic fibers. In addition to a very small part of plastics that contain 100% resin, most plastics need to add other substances in addition to the main component resin.

2. Filler Filler is also called filler, which can improve the strength and heat resistance of plastics and reduce costs. For example, the addition of wood powder to the phenolic resin can greatly reduce the cost, making phenolic plastic one of the cheapest plastics, while also significantly improving the mechanical strength.

Filling materials can be divided into two types: organic fillers and inorganic fillers, the former such as wood flour, rags, paper and various fabric fibers, and the latter such as glass fiber, diatomaceous earth, asbestos, carbon black, plastic seals, etc..

Plastic seals and plastic lead seals have the same points. Here is a point that plastic seals are not simple plastic strips, but plastic seals are made of plastic as an accessory product for fixing wires and cables. The two ends of the plastic seal are Two completely different structures that constitute one end with a square or round opening made of plastic material, and inside this one is a hook-like elastic plastic button.

The other end is a plastic seal strip body with many small serrations. The small serrations are on both sides of the plastic seal. The strip body can be bent through the plastic opening in the front and form a ring connection so that the tied things are very good. Firm, the fixing effect is very strong and firm.

Precautions for the use of plastic seals:

1. Look at the color to buy plastic seals: The color of high-quality plastic seals will not look very bright and very conspicuous. Because of high-quality plastic seals, its color is not oiled, but after deep processing, the color is integrated into the plastic, so that the developed plastic seal will not be scratched or faded. It's very textured when you pick it up.

2. Buy plastic seals with more weight: a high-quality plastic seal is relatively heavy, why? Because the real plastic seal needs to be injected with a lot of processes during the development process, so as to add materials There are more. Therefore, you must look at the weight when purchasing.

3. To choose manufacturers with guaranteed quality and reputation (products without guarantee of quality and reputation will not be locked tightly to prevent theft), and manufacturers must standardize management in the quality control process, raw material procurement, product testing and other links. It has advanced production, inspection and testing equipment, and strong technical force and research and development capabilities.

4. Sign a contract before ordering. Manufacturers are required to promise that they will not provide third parties with the same identification and a serial number of the container seal. The number of the steel wire seal is very important, and sometimes a confidentiality agreement is required.

5. Try not to choose products of the same size/color produced by multiple manufacturers (it is easy to be copied and imitated, which brings the convenience of imitation to some illegal attempts, and thus loses the real sense of anti-counterfeiting). Products that have been in circulation for too long in the market should not be used. At the same time, manufacturers with technological advantages and Ru0026D capabilities generally develop more advanced products on a regular basis to meet market needs.

6. Investigate the actual production scale and actual production capacity of the manufacturer to ensure timely and fast delivery. Plastic seals also have many advantages, such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, good insulation, and they are not easy to age, and they are very useful.

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