Color difference caused by plastic seal mold

by:Liaoseal     2021-05-06

In current plastic seals, there are often many color differences. Although this does not affect the quality of use, it will inevitably give people a bad color if the color of the same batch of goods is uneven. a feeling of. There are many reasons for the chromatic aberration. Today, I will mainly talk about one of them-the chromatic aberration caused by the plastic seal mold.

1. The general plastic seals are completed by the injection molding machine at one time, which is convenient and quick. However, this kind of machine operation will inevitably have certain losses and errors. After the injection molding machine has been used for a period of time, there will be a problem of material dead ends. In this case, it is good to replace the equipment. Do not continue to use it to reduce costs.

2. When the mold is pouring the vent, if there is a problem with the mold itself, it is easy to cause chromatic aberration. At this time, these damaged modules need to be repaired. Therefore, the injection molding machine should be maintained and repaired frequently to avoid the color difference of the plastic seal caused by strain.

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