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Do you track and control your seals? we can help with that.

Do you track and control your seals? we can help with that.



Security seals work when they are properly applied, handled and monitored or tracked. Seals that are made according to recognized standards will have unique markings for each which can be used for record keeping and tracking.

Tracking of seals can be as simple as a notation of when and where a seal was applied, and when and where it was removed. Or it can be detailed information about many aspects of the seal’s life including but not limited to; who handled it, who inspected it, what was it used for, what does it look like, who supplied it and where has it been throughout its use.

The amount of control and tracking depends on the value and risks relative to what the seal is used for. A seal on a container of nuclear waste is under careful and intense control. A seal on a tote of parts in a machine factory may require minimal information or monitoring. The greatest number of tracking systems for seals is found in the overall field of transportation.

Here are some basic types of seal control steps which might be applied using a form or spreadsheet, if not incorporated into an existing seal management program.



This would be a form used at the point where seals and stored and issued by a person in control, which could be identified as a Custodian or Auditor of the seals.

The purpose of this type of form is to record who the seals were given to after unpacking, and possibly the intended use of the seal. It can cover multiple persons installing seals or If all your seals are to be applied (installed) by the same person much simpler data is required.


When seals are actually locked or installed on a container, trailer or closure, a similar form can monitor the activity. It can provide a means of recording a description of the seal, who installed it, where and when it was locked, plus the actual trailer, container or closure it was installed on. This form may be used by multiple people at different locations and would usually be provided at the time of issuing the seals, with enough copies to match the number of seals issued. A spreadsheet is easily generated for that purpose.


A removal form is what would be used at the point where the seal is opened, possibly by drivers, plant operators, or by customers of the seal user. This form would be much like a seal installation form. But it will record information about the seal when it is cut open at its destination or end of use. It should verify that the seal was properly destroyed or disposed of after inspection and recording.

It is probable that a simpler version would be supplied if the form will go to a customer or someone receiving only a single seal which needs to be reported back to the seal custodian or auditor. In a closed system it can simply be put into the existing computer tracking program.


Nearly all of our seals have the ability to mark in distinct ways including letters, serial numbers, and colors -- as codes or indicators.

Newer models can be marked with barcodes, optical codes, logos, location names, writing space, or labels to meet the users specific marking needs.

Liaoseal can customize these as well as packing and labeling of boxes to help customers in handling, storing and keeping control of their seals. We also track the numbers and marking sold to assist our customers in maintaining a consistent marking series in repeat orders without unwanted duplication.

All of the various forms and methods for seal control are unique to the user. Because there are an unlimited number of variables in any seal tracking program we do not attempt to address them further in this basic description. However, please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or further discussion of your needs. We are in business to help our customers make the best use of their seals.


Liaoseal serves thousands of seal users including government, utility, military and commercial entities of all types, worldwide. We invite you to utilize and benefit from our 30 years in the seal industry, and our wealth of expertise.

An experienced seal applications expert is available any time during business hours. Contact us at our main office and factory: Email: Call 0086-577-67211818

We are glad to assist with guidance, samples or pricing at your request.

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