Importance of meter seal

by:Liaoseal     2021-10-13

As an indispensable commodity in daily life, the role of electricity is self-evident. Our food, clothing, shelter, and transportation will not work without electricity. As a commodity, electricity can be used for transactions, and as a measuring tool, electricity meters can accurately record the amount of electricity consumed by users every day. Both individuals and companies must be mandatory to install. Careful friends will find that there is a lead seal on the electric meter, so what function does the lead seal play? The role of the lead seal on the meter is mainly to prevent the occurrence of electricity theft and at the same time as the 'certificate' of the meter.

The habit of stealing electricity in rural areas has always existed in the past, and their most used method is to use electricity meters. The power supply department learns from foreign methods and uses lead sealing to prevent electricity theft. Turning over the history of the lead sealing of electric energy meters, the method of lead sealing to prevent theft of electricity has gone through several generations.

In the beginning, it was a traditional clamp-type lead seal. This method was the mainstream in the twentieth century, but it is easy to be forged and poses a certain hazard to the occupational health of workers, so it is gradually eliminated. Next is the plastic lock type lead seal, which is made of special materials, non-toxic, flexible, and easy to install. The plastic uses various anti-counterfeiting technologies such as laser engraving, numbering, and manual labeling. This method has been used now and has a strong Anti-theft function. With the new generation of electric meters, it is accompanied by changes in the seal style. However, even if the seal is updated and changed, there are still forged seals in the market, and the workmanship and anti-counterfeiting are almost the same as those of the original factory, which is difficult. Distinguish between true and false.

Under normal circumstances, the electric energy meter is usually locked and sealed by the inspection, repair, and manufacturing departments, and the lead seal on the small cover is locked by the power supply company installing the meter, inspecting and other personnel, regardless of the size of the cover, Is a kind of meaning to add to the seal, except the professional holding the seal clamp can open it, other personnel is not allowed to open it by themselves. According to the Regulations on the Supply and Use of Electricity: “Forgery or opening of a sealed electricity metering device sealed by a statutory or authorized metering inspection agency is an act of stealing electricity.” Once it is turned on, it will be dealt with as stealing electricity. The power department found that it would impose a fine. Regardless of whether it is a company or an individual, the lead seal on the meter must not be moved. Once the lead seal is found to be damaged, please report it to the power department as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary punishment.

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