Introduction to the marking process of plastic seals

by:Liaoseal     2021-10-12

As a widely used lead seal, one of the reasons for its anti-counterfeiting performance is that plastic seals can print their own company LOGO, fonts, serial numbers, codes, etc. according to customers.

1. Laser marking The premise of laser marking is to add laser powder when making plastic seals. The font printed by laser marking is black, and black products are printed in white. And the laser-marked number and letter signs can change the marking size according to customer requirements.

2. Hot stamping plastic seals can also be hot stamped. Most of the hot stamping is white, and the result of hot stamping is concave. All numbers and letters can be changed according to customer requirements. However, the size of the serial number cannot be changed. The hot stamping of the serial number is usually 7 digits. Generally, five, six, seven or eight digits can be printed. The font of the eight-digit hot stamping is very small, and it is rarely printed by customers. Hot stamping generally does not stamp bar codes, and the cost is high.

3. Screen printing Screen printing method is used less, because it is expensive, and the printing is not clear, it is easy to scratch off with a fingernail. The above are the three marking methods for plastic seals, the most commonly used is laser marking, followed by hot stamping, so you must choose the printing method that suits you when purchasing plastic seals.

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