Is the disassembly method of different types of plastic seals the same?

by:Liaoseal     2021-03-13
As a relatively common seal product, plastic seals have the advantage of lower cost than steel wire seals, and the disassembly method is more convenient than steel wire seals. After these two advantages, plastic seals are widely used in product bundling and equipment identification. At the same time because of the different types of plastic seals. Their dismantling methods are also quite different. The more common types of plastic seals include hand-tear plastic seals, built-in steel sheet plastic seals, and integral injection plastic seals. Take the tear-off plastic seal as an example, it is a style that can be disassembled manually when there is nothing to disassemble after sealing. Its sealing method is roughly the same as other styles of plastic seals. They are both tightened sealing methods, but there is a strip on the head of the seal lock that can provide a hand-tear mark. According to this mark, you can easily seal The dismantling of the finished seal is over, and then the intention of dismantling without using anything is reached. The same built-in steel sheet plastic seal also has the same method of dismantling without anything. This is because the thin line of the seal is only about 0.2mm, and the seal can be torn off by hand after sealing. There is also a plastic seal that is integrally injection molded. The sealing method is also a tightening method, but it needs something to be used for disassembly.
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