Is there any lead in the lead seal?

by:Liaoseal     2021-07-31

Although the name of the lead seal contains lead, it does not actually contain lead. Lead seals include plastic seals, steel wire seals, and high-security seals. From the material, it can be seen that the lead seal does not contain lead. What does it contain? Let’s analyze it for you today~ Actually, we say that lead seals are free of lead for current lead seal products. As early as when lead seals first appeared, their material contained lead.

But because the lead seal is a one-time product, it cannot be used after it is broken. Long-term use of the lead seal will not only waste but also the used lead seal. It is also difficult to handle because lead is a heavy metal. Cause serious pollution to the environment. So the current lead seal products slowly appeared. The current popular lead seals mainly include plastic seals, steel wire seals, high-security seals, instrument seals, plastic padlocks, and metal seals.

The plastic security seals are mostly made of environmentally friendly and durable PP+PE materials, and the steel wire seals are made of Q235A mild steel and ABS plastic or aluminum alloy. These materials are relatively environmentally friendly and durable. Some materials can be recycled after use, so it has a great advantage compared with the original lead seal.

Currently, there are not only a wide variety of lead sealing products, but also environmentally friendly materials. I believe that in the near future, the lead sealing industry will show us greater advantages!

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