Is there any way to reduce the cost of using lead seal products?

by:Liaoseal     2021-07-21

As we all know, there are many types of seal products and different types of seals. Different materials can make seals with different characteristics. This also makes the price of seals high and low, and the strength of seals varies. How to reduce the cost of using lead-sealed products and make better use of lead-sealed products? Here are some suggestions.

Choose suitable sealing equipment for sealing products. When choosing a lead seal, you should not only look at the pulling force of the lead seal but should pay more attention to its sealing policy. If we use exquisite steel wire seals on the woven sacks that have already been loaded with goods, it seems that the goods can be sealed perfectly, but the essence of sealing is ignored. Plastic cable ties can be used for sealing but steel wire seals are used. Overnight not only increases the application burden but also costs. Choosing the right lead seals can save a lot of operating costs.

Seal products should be purchased from the same manufacturer for a long time. Due to the complex types of seal products, seal manufacturers seldom have all types of seal products, and the profit of seal products is low, and it is difficult to find and abandon one. To fit. Therefore, long-term acquisition of seals from the same manufacturer can not only reduce costs but also have better after-sales service.

The type of lead sealing products can be changed to different types of lead sealing products according to needs. If it is only for the bundling of goods, the bundling of equipment (to prevent being used), etc., plastic ties can be used as the sealing material, and there is no need to choose Steel wire seals. But this is only attributed to goods that do not need to be sealed with too high security.

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