Should the lead seal be managed by a specific person?

by:Liaoseal     2021-08-01

A lead seal is a one-time lock with anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft functions. There are strict requirements during the use process. It must be unsealed and managed by a specific person after the seal is sealed. The details are as follows.

1. People who have the right to seal do not necessarily have the right to unseal.

2. Under normal circumstances, drivers cannot privately sell them, but if they find any abnormality in the container or tanker, they must immediately seal the site and report to the responsible person for confirmation and inform the customer. The customer recognizes it, and the customer needs to sign and confirm if necessary.

3. If you have to open the seal, you should let the customer know and seal the seal together with the customer if conditions permit.

4. There are specific people who can open and seal the seal, such as the customs inspection personnel. After the inspection, a specific customs seal should be affixed to inform the customer that it is a customs inspection. The above is the relevant regulations of lead sealing, anyone should strictly abide by it, and cannot use lead sealing privately.

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