Under what circumstances can the steel wire seal no longer be used?

by:Liaoseal     2021-09-15

Wire rope cannot be used in some cases. Today, I have summarized the following three situations for everyone.

1. Either end of the wire rope can be pulled out freely, and there is another case that the lock cylinder can be pulled out freely from the lock sleeve. In both cases, the wire seal is invalid and cannot be used anymore.

2, the wire ropes are disconnected and then connected together for use.

3. If there is no station name on the steel wire seal lock cover, or the station name and other numbers are not clear, it will be treated as invalid. In addition to the above three situations where the steel wire rope cannot be used, attention should be paid when using steel wire seals. When unloading the steel wire seals, the unloading unit should check the seal number and the steel wire seal number recorded on the loading list, and look at the seal. Is it useful? When removing the galvanized sealing wire, be careful not to damage the station name and number. If there is shipping information on the removed steel wire seal, it should be kept for 180 days from the date of unloading for inspection.

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