What are the advantages of plastic-coated steel wire seals?

by:Liaoseal     2021-09-29

Wire seals lock are a kind of lead seal. There are many styles of steel wire seals. One of them is a steel wire seal covered with plastic. Many people do not understand why a layer of plastic is covered. Today I will share with you the steel wire seals with plastic covered. What advantages.

1. The plastic that is beautiful outsourcing is generally ABS plastic, which can have different colors, and the surface of the steel wire seal after the plastic is wrapped is very smooth and looks more beautiful.

2. After the safety is covered with plastic, the burrs on the surface of the steel wire seal will be gone, and the hand of the sealer will not be hurt when used, which is relatively safe.

3. The anti-oxidation is covered with a layer of plastic, which has a good anti-oxidation effect. Although plastic-coated steel wire seals are covered with a layer of ABS plastic, the cost is only slightly more expensive than ordinary steel wire seals, so they are very popular.

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