What are the application areas of lead seal products?

by:Liaoseal     2021-10-04

There are many kinds of lead sealing products, and different products are suitable for different occasions. People who need to use lead sealing must choose suitable lead sealing products according to different use environments and occasions. Today I will share with you the application of lead sealing products. field of.

1. High-security seals for transportation, food, chemical, military, power, banking, government, mining, trailers, trucks, railway tracks.

2, plastic seals, logistics, express delivery, food, medical, ATM, ballot boxes, storage boxes, boxes and luggage, air freight, travel bags, accessories, laptop bags, shoes, clothing.

3. Steel wire seals for transportation, power companies, military, chemical, banking, customs, medical, food, petroleum, pipelines, high-value goods or dangerous goods.

4, instrument sealing electricity meter, water meter, ordnance sealing, instrumentation, gas supply, military industry, petroleum transportation, chemical industry, mining, postal service, customs, railway, finance, foreign trade inspection, transportation, product processing, enterprise product inspection and Packaging barrel packaging, energy metering, preventing stealing and leaking, sealed storage industry, etc.

5. Disposable plastic padlocks for chemical, banking, government, fire, medical, food, clothing, fire extinguisher pins, ATM cassettes, ballot boxes, turnover boxes, luggage boxes, first aid boxes, storage cabinets.

6. Tin-seal trailers and trucks, railway wagons, trains, express delivery, various boxes, chemical, military, government, medical, mining.

It is important to choose the right seal products according to different occasions. For example, some places require acid-resistant or alkaline-resistant seal products, and meter seals are used on electric meters and water meters. It is important to choose the right products.

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