What are the benefits of printing barcodes on lead seals?

by:Liaoseal     2021-10-07

One of the reasons for the anti-counterfeiting function of lead seals is that barcodes or company LOGO, codes, serial numbers, and QR codes can be printed on them. Among them, the benefits of barcodes are great. Today we will share with you the lead What are the benefits of printing a barcode on the envelope?

1. It is quicker to print bar codes on the lead seal because only a laser engraving machine can be used to print bar codes on it, which is easier than other graphics or LOGO.

2. The barcode can store more information compared with other patterns, and it is easy to read.

3. Printing the barcode on the lead seal can play a good anti-counterfeiting function because the barcode uses a random check code, which is a check code measured according to the number of seals, so if It is impossible to imitate a barcode without knowing the number of seals.

4. Barcode identification is relatively easy, and the information corresponding to the barcode can be scanned with a handheld machine to be read by the user. Barcodes are generally laser-printed on plastic seals, and they look more beautiful. Don't underestimate these black bars and blanks of varying widths, they are still very useful. Of course, barcodes can not only be printed on lead seals. With the development of the lead seal industry, people have higher and higher requirements for the anti-counterfeiting performance of lead seals, and the information that can be printed on lead seals is becoming more and more diverse.

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