What are the connections between container transportation and lead seal management?

by:Liaoseal     2021-04-23
Seals are needed in the process of container transportation. After the container is filled with goods, a specific person will seal it. If the customer receives the goods, the number on the container seal is the same as that on the bill of lading, and the container seal is intact, it proves that the container has not been opened and the goods are intact. Today, I will share with you the connection between container transportation and lead seal management. In the process of container transportation, there are generally two kinds of boxes: SOC box and COC box. The SOC box is also called the owner’s own box. As the name implies, the owner uses his own box for loading. The advantages of using his own box for loading have two points: One is to avoid the cost of using the shipping company's container, and the other is to get a discount on the shipping company's container, all in order to reduce costs. SOC boxes are generally one-way boxes. If there are no other words except SOC on the document, it can only indicate that the box is provided by the owner. Whether the empty container should be shipped back to the port of destination needs to be based on the consignment According to the instructions of the person or the transportation agreement signed with the shipping company. Another advantage of the SOC box is that there is no time limit for returning the box, but part of the ocean freight will be charged. In terms of railways, the freight of SOC boxes will not be reduced. What will reduce is the usage fee of containers. The empty container freight rate of the container is calculated according to the 40% of the heavy container freight rate specified in the Railway Freight Rate Table. COC box is a container designated by the shipping company, also called 'miscellaneous mark cabinet' or 'control cabinetThe container designated by the shipping company does not require separate seal control. The lead seal is provided by the shipping company, and the shipping company needs to comply with the ISO PAS 17712 standard and obtain the corresponding certificate when customizing the lead seal. However, for ordinary cargo owners, they have no right to request the shipping company or forwarder to provide certificates, nor can they verify each item. Generally, it is carried out according to the lead seal management procedures in the industry. In the ISO/PAS 17712 standard, three definitions of seals are made: indicative seals, safety seals and high-security seals. High-security seals are generally used in container transportation. The above is the relationship between container transportation and lead seal management that I shared today. If you want to know more about lead seals, please come if you want to buy high-quality lead seals.
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