What are the management methods for lead seals?

by:Liaoseal     2021-07-29

Custody, issue, and recovery of lead seals and sealing tongs, set up accounts, and handle them full-time. Lead seals are used to seal various types of tank lids, boxes, and other related measuring equipment, special circumstances, and special addresses. It is necessary for the user of the lead seal to properly keep the lead seal received, and shall not lend, transfer, imitate, or counterfeit it at will.

The loading personnel fills in the lead seal quantity and serial number on the loading application form according to the actual situation on the spot. Calculate once a month, sum up the number of seals used by each vehicle this month, the number of obsolete seals, and the number of old seals recovered. If the lead seal is damaged during use, it needs to be reissued from the beginning. It is necessary to keep the damaged lead seal and replace it with a new one. Make a record of the damaged seal number.

The scope of application of lead seals: Sealing personnel has no right to unseal the can mouth equipment of vehicles under normal sealing. All driving personnel must not change the lead seal. If an internal abnormality is found, it must be sealed on site and signed and approved by the customer. Report to the operating staff together, and the operating specialist will acknowledge it.

The driver is limited to sealing the tank mouth of the vehicle at the scene. If other personnel need to open the seal for the operation, they should tell the customer to unpack and seal the seal together. When sealing the tank opening equipment, the identification and number must be clearly visible on the lead seal. The length of the sealed steel wire head should not exceed 1.5cm, and the remaining steel wire rope must be cut with diagonal pliers to disperse the head of the exiting wire.

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