What are the manufacturing processes of steel wire seals?

by:Liaoseal     2021-04-24
The steel wire seal is one of the more commonly used lead seal products. Its unique structure and advantages are destined to its popularity. So how is such a good lead seal made? I will share with you today The manufacturing process of steel wire seals. The material of the steel wire seal lock head is mainly aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, and some outsourcing plastics are also ABS plastic; the material of the lock core is mainly aluminum alloy, A3 steel, powder metallurgy or zinc alloy; and the material of the wire rope is mainly Q2A35 The production process of low-carbon steel is mainly as follows: First, the material forming the lock is integrally processed and formed. The internal structure of the lock is a fixed gear, an elastic component and a leaf spring. These three parts constitute the lock core hole. The second is the wire rope. One end of the wire rope is fixed on the lock head. When the free end of the wire rope passes through the lock core hole on the lock head, due to the action of gears and leaf springs, the wire rope can only move forward in one direction and cannot move backward. After coming down, the head and lock of the wire rope encircled a closed confinement area. The key to the technical structure of the steel wire seal is how to ensure that the free end of the wire rope can only move forward in one direction but not back. This not only requires the spring sheet to be delicate and compact, but also the interlocking core is not too small or too small. The steel ball must be made just right, and the three must be completed with the precision. This is a key step in the entire steel wire seal manufacturing process. The patent requirement for the steel wire seal is: the steel wire seal is a new type of disposable lock, which is used to close containers and bags. There is no key hole and plug hole on the lock head, and the middle of the plug hole and the key hole The diameter of the upper end of the core rod is consistent with the diameter of the upper section of the insertion hole, so that the core rod inserted into the steel wire rope acts as the odor limiting mechanism on the steel wire, and the steel wire rope cannot continue to move along the axis of the lock core control switch. Now, the two ends of the wire rope and the lock form a closed area, which can lock bags and containers. After cutting aluminum-oxidizing coloring, assembling and pressing and fixing the lock core and wire rope, marking, and packaging, these processes are completed, even if the wire seal is completed.
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