What are the precautions for the procurement of lead seals?

by:Liaoseal     2021-03-27
Lead seal, in logistics transportation and various safety protection occupations, has the effect of controlling danger, reducing loss, and playing a role in danger prevention. Therefore, customers should pay attention to the following elements when purchasing seal lock products: First of all, we must choose a manufacturer with a guaranteed quality promise (products without a guaranteed quality promise will not be tightly locked and will not prevent theft). Manufacturers must standardize management in the quality control process, raw material acquisition, product testing and other links. Have advanced production skills and research and development skills. Sign the contract before ordering. It is equally important to require manufacturers to promise that they will not provide lead seals with the same logo and number to third parties, and sometimes even sign a confidentiality agreement. Try not to choose products of the same scale/color that are produced by multiple manufacturers (it is easy to be copied and imitated, and to give some illegal workers a convenient copy, and then lose the real sense of anti-counterfeiting). Products that have been used for too long to clear the circulation in the market should not be used. Together, a manufacturer with technical advantages and development capabilities. Generally, more advanced products will be developed as scheduled to meet the needs of the market. Any product has a certain production cost, and some products with low prices must be carefully selected when purchasing (some manufacturers cut corners to reduce costs). Investigate the manufacturers’ practical production planning and practical production capabilities to ensure timely and fast delivery.
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