What are the problems in the sealing industry?

by:Liaoseal     2021-09-26

The seal industry is not like the clothing industry, everyone knows that the seal industry is understood by talents in specific professional fields, and there are still some problems in the development of the seal industry.

1. The anti-counterfeiting technology of the lead seal is poor and easy to imitate. Although the appearance of the lead seal is for anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft, there is no shortage of counterfeiting in its development process, because at present, in addition to the electronic seal, the anti-counterfeiting technology of the ordinary lead seal is not developed enough, and it is easy to be counterfeited.

2. Lead seal management is relatively chaotic. This chaotic situation is mainly relative to the opening of the seal. In some institutions, the number of seal pliers is limited. No matter which kind of seal pliers are opened, these seal pliers are used, whichever is convenient to use. Not strictly in accordance with the 'Measurement Verification Seal and Certificate Management Measures' for management, the management of this lead seal has brought some problems.

3. The reliability of the security seal manufacturer In recent years, in order to make huge profits, some staff of the seal manufacturers have used their positions to provide convenience for criminals. The technology helps criminals to forge false images and so on. This undoubtedly brings problems to the management and rectification of the lead sealing industry.

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