What are the reasons that restrict the development of plastic seals?

by:Liaoseal     2021-05-07

Poor brand awareness restricts the development of China's plastic seal industry. According to reports, the most direct manifestation of poor brand awareness is the lack of investment in design and development, purchase of advanced equipment and molds, training of professionals, and after-sales service. The plastic seal industry is not only a traditional industry, but also closely related to high-tech.

A lock seems simple, but it needs more than 100 procedures to complete. Only with advanced design level and equipment, high-quality professionals can produce high value-added products. For example, the same raw materials, the quality of products processed by different equipment and molds is completely different. Poor brand awareness of plastic seals also narrows the company's development thinking.

Many plastic seal manufacturers in developed countries have embarked on the road of product matching and serialization. When Chinese companies think of diversified development, they always think of industries such as real estate and catering, and rarely think of industries related to plastic seal products. One of the most important quality indicators of plastic seal products is the product mutual opening rate, that is, the probability that the same key can open several locks and the same lock can be opened with several keys.

At present, the mutual opening rate of world-famous brand locks is only one in tens of thousands, and the mutual opening rate of outstanding domestic brands is about 1 in 6,000, while the mutual opening rate of some informal and low-level lock factories One-thirtieth, the security of such a lock can be imagined.

The more important task of the plastic seal industry today is to improve the quality of plastic seals, increase the branding of plastic seals, and take the road of brand development to strengthen technological innovation. This is the long-term development of plastic seal enterprises.

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