What are the regulations when applying plastic seals?

by:Liaoseal     2021-09-20

Plastic seals are a kind of lead seals, which are widely used, but the requirements for sealing plastic seals are also strict. Today, I will share with you what are the regulations for plastic seals.

1. When the plastic seal is applied, if there is a difference between the number of received and used, it should be strictly checked. If it is found to be lost, the user should be strictly investigated and fined.

2. In the event of loss of plastic seals due to improper management, the administrator shall immediately report to the relevant leaders within 24 hours and impose a fine on the responsible persons.

3. Plastic seals shall not be lent to others for use. Once discovered, except for written inspections written by the parties, fines will be fined according to the severity of the circumstances, and the responsibilities will be investigated if the circumstances are serious.

4. If an employee is found to have forged plastic seals, the responsible person shall be fined once it is verified and confirmed, and if serious losses are caused, it shall be transferred to the relevant department in accordance with the law.

5. If the place where the plastic seal is used is inconsistent with any part of the work order, report, or list, the party concerned will be fined.

6. If the plastic seal number cannot be verified due to poor basic management, the relevant personnel must be held accountable.

7. Fines shall be imposed on those that must be sealed but not sealed or missed, or fail to meet the process requirements.

8. Plastic seal staff are not allowed to give out plastic seals to others at will. Once discovered, the plastic seal management personnel must be held accountable seriously. 

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