What are the seven elements of plastic seals?

by:Liaoseal     2021-10-09

Plastic seals sell well at home and abroad due to their exquisite appearance and good safety performance, and are used in containers, ships, petroleum, aviation, railways, and logistics transportation. Today, I will take everyone to learn about plastic seals from seven aspects.

1. Material

Generally, it is PP+PE, and another material is nylon 66, which has a higher cost.

2. The name of the plastic seal

Plastic seals. Plastic seals. Safety plastic seals. Tight plastic seals

3. Type

Three kinds of plastic lock cylinders, one-time injection molding, with steel sheet, and plastic lock cylinder

4. Printing

Can print company LOGO, code, serial number, barcode, QR code, etc.

5. Tensile strength of plastic seals

At least more than 350N. Different styles have different tensile strengths. The one-time molding is thicker and flat, so the tensile strength is slightly larger.

6. Scope of use

Containers. Container trucks. Boxcars. Railway transportation. Supermarket lockdown. Bank wallet lockdown. Logistics transportation.

7. Advantages of plastic seals

The top tight structure is easy to seal and unpack. When removing, use lead sealing pliers or scissors to cut it off. It can be customized according to customer requirements. You can print the company LOGO, code, serial number, barcode, QR code, etc., Each seal has a standard size, which can be customized according to customer needs.

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