What are the steps required to use container seals?

by:Liaoseal     2021-04-13
As long as you have been to the port terminal, you will see that there are a lot of containers. Each container has a lead seal. This is called a container seal. There is a For the series of procedures, this cannot be completely changed. Nowadays, the corresponding standard operating procedures are used to install lead seals on containers. The process of container seals When exporting goods, how can the customs with a lead seal on the container open the box for inspection? The general situation is that the box will be sealed after you install the container. This box number is the only one. This is required for customs declaration If you encounter container inspection, the customs will change the container number after the inspection, because the container number is one-time. At this time, the forwarder will tell you the new box seal. The lead seal is sealed after customs inspection. If the customs inspects, the customs declarer and the owner should be present. Good boy, the word smuggling, I have never heard of it before, right? How can the customs open the box for inspection? You know the customs, the customs must check the goods, and the owner of the goods must cooperate. When inspecting the goods, the customs will tell the owner to participate. And the tally company will be present at the notarization. After the customs inspected the X-ray machine, it thought that there was a problem with the goods, and then processed the inspection procedures. No problem, the seal can be sealed from the head, but there must be procedures. They can go through the inspection process. Yes, but it can only be checked. The simplest way to correct the situation is that the telex release and the customs at the port of destination do not require non-essential information such as lead seals. However, you must follow the operating procedures when you operate the lead seal on this container. Now there are standard and strict management regulations for the operation of this container lead seal.
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