What are the types of electronic seal RFID chips?

by:Liaoseal     2021-09-24

Electronic seals have gradually entered the market, which has brought a lot of impact to traditional seals. One of its valuable features is that there are RFID chips inside. There are also different types of RFID chips, which also lead to electronic seals. Different types. Today, I will share with you what types of electronic lead-sealed RFID chips are.

1. The general working frequency of low-frequency RFID (LF) low-frequency sensors is 120KHz -134KHz and the wavelength is about 2500m. The magnetic field area of this frequency drops relatively quickly, but it can also produce a relatively uniform read and write area, and it is global There is no special form of radio license restriction in the range, except for metal materials, this low-frequency wave can generally pass through objects of any material without reducing the reading distance, and its transmission performance can meet the application requirements of general industries. The main application areas of low-frequency RFID are electric energy metering device anti-theft intelligent system, application of automobile anti-theft and keyless door opening system, animal husbandry management and animal identification system, automatic parking lot charging and vehicle management system, sports game timing system Application, hotel door lock system application, access control and security management system, etc.

2. High-frequency RFID (HF) The high-frequency operating frequency can reach 13.56MHz, and the wavelength is about 22m. The inductor at this frequency does not need to be wound coils, and the antenna can be made by etching and printing. This frequency band falls relatively quickly in the magnetic field area, and there are no special license restrictions. The sensor exists in the form of a tag, which can write some data information into the tag, which is convenient to use. The data transmission rate is faster than the low frequency, and the price is relative. Reasonable. The application fields of HF RFID include the application of library management system, the management, and application of gas cylinders, the management and application of clothing production lines and logistics systems, the three-meter pre-charging system, the management and application of hotel door locks, the channel system for large conference personnel, Fixed asset management system, medical logistics system management and application, smart shelf management, etc.

3. The definition of very high-frequency RFID (UHF) VHF frequency is different in different regions. The frequency band defined in North America is between 902 and 905MHz, and the frequency band recommended by Japan is between 950 and 956. Europe and some parts The frequency defined in Asia are 868MHz, and the wavelength of this frequency band is about 30cm. Compared with low frequency and high frequency, this frequency band does not need to be separated from the metal. The antenna of the electronic tag is generally set in a long strip and label shape, with linear and circular polarization. A design to meet the needs of different application areas. It is difficult to define the reading area in this frequency band. Even if there is a good reading distance, the antennas need to be arranged and coordinated. This frequency band has a very high data transmission rate, and a large number of electronic tags can be read in a short time. The main application areas of VHF are supply chain management and application, production line automation management and application, air parcel management and application, container management and application, railway parcel management and application, and logistics management system application.

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