What is the difference between electronic seal and traditional seal?

by:Liaoseal     2021-04-26
The development of electronic seals has been around for several years. The emergence and development of electronic seals is a great progress for seals. What are the differences between electronic seals and traditional seals? I will share with you today~ 1. The anti-counterfeiting mark of the electronic lead seal exists in the internal chip. It uses RFID chip technology and has a unique readable identification code. The identification code is bound to the user's file in the database and is held by a dedicated handheld The meter reading terminal tracks and reads electronic seal information, while traditional seals do not have this advanced function. 2. Because the electronic seal uses high-end RFID chip technology, its information needs to be read by special equipment, its anti-counterfeiting performance is greatly improved, and it is not easy to be copied. However, the printing of traditional seals is on the surface and can easily be copied. 3. The above two are the advantages of electronic seals compared with traditional seals. Of course, it has certain disadvantages. Electronic seals are expensive and difficult to maintain, which are not available in traditional seals. Therefore, traditional seals still occupy a very important position in the seal industry, and there are many types of traditional seals. The development of electronic seals is based on traditional seals, and the two complement each other.
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