What is the function of barcode on lead seal?

by:Liaoseal     2021-03-15
Barcode is a graphic identifier that puts multiple black bars and blanks with different widths in accordance with certain coding rules to express a group of information. A common barcode is an image of parallel lines arranged by black bars (bars for short) and white bars (empty for short) with very different reflectivities. This is also the most basic bar code assigned by the lead seal, and what role does the bar code play on the lead seal? There are mainly the following points. Barcodes can store and convey more information than other digital and textual information. This is why it is necessary to engrave barcodes on the surface of the seal in order to store more information on the surface of the seal, and Can be read. Bar code is relatively simple to engrave, compared to the imprinting of digital characters, the engraving of barcode is relatively simple and convenient. The barcode can be simply engraved on the lead seal with a laser engraving machine, which is convenient and convenient for operation. The barcode has the corresponding anti-counterfeiting function. The anti-counterfeiting on the barcode mainly uses a random check code. This random check code is selected according to the quantity of a batch of bar codes, and the check code of the bar code is randomly calculated from the quantity. If you don’t know the quantity of the whole batch of customization, this random code cannot be calculated, which also adds a new advantage to the anti-counterfeiting function. Bar code scanning and identification speeds up the work rate. The bar code is engraved on the lead seal to facilitate the reading of the bar code information. The information contained in the bar code can be obtained immediately by scanning the corresponding bar code with a handheld machine.
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