What is the function of the container seal lock?

by:Liaoseal     2021-05-14

First, let's look at the classification of container seal locks. According to the person who applied the seal, it can be divided into the lock, factory seal, ship seal, and temporary dock seal. According to the material and function of the seals, it can be divided into steel wire seals, high security seals, plastic seals, iron seals, and padlock seals. There are two situations for adding temporary closure of docks:

1. After the container is unloaded, the container is dismantled in the dock and the consignee picks up the first shipment.

2. The seal on the back door of the cabinet was accidentally broken when unloading the ship. The new type of lead seal is not only used in the logistics industry but also widely used in other industries. As an anti-theft mark, it can only be used once. If the number on the container seal obtained by the customer is the same as that on the bill of lading, it means that the container has not been opened. The goods are intact.

The container seal is a lock insert. In terms of customs application: the back door of the cabinet increases the seal of the shipping company, and the customs declaration is based on this seal number. When the export factory installs the container, a temporary factory seal is usually added to avoid transportation from the Yamaguchi factory. The cargo in the cabinet was stolen during the land transportation at Zhongshan Port.

In a few cases, if the shipping company's starting point of responsibility is the export factory, the shipping company's seal may be added when the export factory completes the container. The lead blockade has been widely used in many fields, and its role will also become more and more important in future development.

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