What is the function of the water meter lead seal?

by:Liaoseal     2021-05-11

Today, I will share with you what is the function of the water meter lead seal. The seal of the water meter is simply the seal of the water meter, and it cannot be opened without special tools. The main functions of the water meter lead seal are as follows:

1. Put an end to the theft of water. Each lead seal has its own unique identification code. This lead seal production identification is arranged during semiconductor chip manufacturing and realized by laser micro-engraving. There is no repetition in the world. The chip can be read by the wireless non-contact method. The unique code is compared with the database to determine the authenticity of the seal, which can fundamentally prevent the occurrence of imitation or misappropriation.

2. Realize the digital management of meter reading work. After the meter reader arrives at the scene with a hand-held meter reader that can identify the seal, he can automatically call up the user file of the measuring instrument by identifying the electronic seal, and then input the current reading of the measuring instrument, which can be directly imported after storage The computer software generates the fee form and realizes full automation.

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