What is the instrument lead seal?

by:Liaoseal     2021-03-20
Instrument lead seal refers to the small lead seal applied to the instrument and meter. In the past, lead sealing beans were often used to seal electricity meters, water meters, measuring instruments, etc. Nowadays, lead sealing beans are no longer mainstream instrument seals. , But improved a variety of types of seal products. One of the features of these instrument lead seals is that they are discarded after being sealed and opened at once. But their customization methods are diverse. In the past, lead-sealed beans were made of all lead materials. After unpacking and discarded, the lead-sealed beans were discarded at will, which simply caused environmental pollution. Therefore, most of the current lead seals are made of plastic materials, built-in stainless steel pins, and equipped with stainless steel lead seals. line. Combined into a meter lead seal that is both environmentally friendly and anti-counterfeiting and tamper-proof. The customization requirement of the meter seal is no longer a fuss about the product material and appearance, but the label is formed into a kind of anti-counterfeiting label, and then the required information is stamped on the label, and finally encapsulated in the lead seal. Such an operation can keep the information on the seal for more than 10 years, and the anti-counterfeiting inside makes it difficult to copy the seal. In a word, the development of instrument lead sealing has raised the anti-counterfeiting method of lead sealing to a higher level, contributing new efforts to the safety of instruments.
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