What is the meaning and use process of container seals?

by:Liaoseal     2021-10-01

The container seal is a one-time lock applied to the container after it is filled with goods to prevent it from being opened privately. There is a unique seal number on the container seal. If the container seal number obtained by the customer is the same as that on the bill of lading, it means that the container has not been opened and the goods are intact.

Container seals can be divided into high security seals, steel wire seals, plastic seals, metal seals, and disposable padlocks according to their styles. In the use of container seals, the use environment of different styles of container seals is different, so users should choose different container seals according to the environment. Here is an introduction to the process of using container seals.

1. After loading the goods in the container, the person responsible for shipment, the inspector, the supervisor, and the carrier will make the final check.

2. After checking to ensure correctness, the locker shall close the door and lock the cabinet in a timely manner under the supervision of the supervisor.

3. After the cabinet door is locked, the locker will seal the container door with a seal lock.

4. The person in charge will finally confirm that the container is sealed correctly, and make a record of the sealing in time.

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