What is the operation process of the lead sealing of the electric energy meter?

by:Liaoseal     2021-09-19

The application of lead sealing in electric power is becoming more and more popular. Today, I will share with you what is the operation process of lead sealing for electric energy meters.

1. The technical department sends a special person to the site to carefully check the integrity of the sealed parts (such as whether the large cover of the electric meter is removed) and the correctness of the wiring device (such as whether the wiring terminals and the metering shrapnel are in good contact).

2. The business department seals the sealable parts of the electric energy metering device (such as the terminal cover and the electric meter box lock), and the technical department seals it at the same time.

3. Apply force when clamping the lead seal so that the mark engraved on the lead sealing pliers is clearly left on the lead seal, and the business department and the technical department can check and confirm together.

4. The business department and the technical department shall make a lead-sealed ledger record, and create a file with the corresponding number of the user name, and check it.

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