What kind of container seals are generally used?

by:Liaoseal     2021-07-27

Container seals are also common high-security seals because they are used in places where the value of goods such as containers is relatively large. If the high-security seals are found to be damaged due to various special reasons after they leave the factory, the container driver should immediately notify the factory, and the factory will organize the relevant As an officer, go to the designated address, pry open the container, and take stock of the goods carefully.

Investigate whether there are any missing boxes or surplus items, and ask the driver of the cargo delivery about the cause of the damage. Take a few clear pictures of where to store them. The sealing factory must prepare a high-security seal by itself, and ask the freight forwarder to provide a new one. High security seal number, and notify the change of the loading record, change the new high security seal and report this situation to the customer.

The high security seal shows the lock necrosis, changing the lock, etc. In the factory, immediately respond to the situation of the freight forwarder. Please purchase the new high security seal that meets the requirements, and also need to know the title. When the container is loaded, use it first The factory-provided high-security seals were sealed and a few clean photos were taken and kept there.

When the container is delivered to the place, please close the freight forwarder at the factory and store it up to this point. After the correct high-security seal is sealed and the new one is sealed, the freight forwarder is required to provide photography to the lock-seal company. Check that the lock-seal company has its own high-security seal and Whether the title of the new high security seal is exactly the same, the Shisuofeng company keeps a copy as an archive and reports it to the guests.

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