What kind of plastic seal should be used on the barrel

by:Liaoseal     2021-04-28
In the current liquor industry, there are many fake liquors on the market. When we talk about fake wine, we can easily think of such words as 'alcoholic wine' and 'blending wine'. In fact, there is a big difference between alcohol making and blending wine and fake wine, but many of us do not understand the difference, so we have been lamenting that there is no good wine in the liquor market. As a result, many manufacturers have begun to use plastic seals to seal the wine barrels to ensure the quality of the wine while ensuring that the wine that leaves the factory will not be dropped. Beverages on the market are generally stored in plastic buckets made of PET. These plastic buckets usually have small holes in the lid to facilitate the later insertion of steel wires or plastic seals for sealing. However, the diameter of the reserved holes is relatively small, so plastic seals with smaller diameters should be selected for sealing. Then put a special production number and logo on the plastic seal, which can play a role in preventing wine from falling out.
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