What kind of seal is a wire seal?

by:Liaoseal     2021-03-19
The steel wire seal as we know it is an electronic seal used for metering equipment, tank trucks, containers, and logistics. The FRID chip with the only code in the world is selected internally, which has anti-counterfeiting function. The steel wire seal uses the world's only coded RFID chip, which has anti-counterfeiting function. The main thing is to use containers, container trucks, trucks, and box trucks to avoid man-made damage and opening. The first introduction to the raw material of steel wire seals-steel wire: steel wire is one of the four types of steel plate, tube, shape and wire. It is a reprocessed product made of hot-rolled wire rod after cold drawing. Steel wire is one of the four types of steel plates, tubes, shapes, and wires. It is a reprocessed product made from hot-rolled wire rod and cold-drawn steel wire. Classified according to the shape of the section, mainly including circle, square, rectangle, triangle, ellipse, flat, trapezoid, zigzag, etc.; classified by scale, there are extra fine u003c0.1mm, finer 0.1~0.5mm, finer 0.5~1.5 Mm, medium 1.5-3.0 mm, thick 3.0-6.0 mm, thicker 6.0-8.0 mm, extra thicku003e 8.0 mm; classified by strength, there are low strength u003c390 MPa, lower strength 390-785 MPa, general strength 785~1225 MPa, higher strength 1225~1960 MPa, high strength 1960~3135 MPa, extra high strengthu003e 3135 MPa. Classified by use: general quality steel wires include welding rods, nail-making, mesh-making, packaging and printing steel wires, cold-heading steel wires for cold-heading rivets, screws, etc., electrical steels include overhead communication wires, steel Special steel wire for core aluminum stranded wire. Steel wire for textile industry includes thick comb, heald 013, card clothing and needle wire.
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