What kind of words can be printed on plastic seals?

by:Liaoseal     2021-04-18
What kind of words can be printed on the plastic seal? For this knowledge, we will organize and introduce to you today. We hope that through our introduction, we will give you a better reference when choosing applications. Let’s take a closer look as follows: Plastic seals are also called electricity meter seals, electricity seals, oil seals, etc. They are mainly used for one-time prevention of theft and leakage in the power, petroleum, and meter industries. What can be printed on common plastic seals Plastic seals are generally printed with customer names, such as electricity, water supply, etc., and some are printed with LOGO. In addition to the customer name or LOGO, the serial number or code is usually printed. The seals are all different and can be said to be unique. The purpose of this is to prevent criminals from forging the seal. The words printed on the plastic seal are processed by laser printing or hot soup technology. The printed fonts are clearly visible and beautiful.
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