What locks does the plastic seal have?

by:Liaoseal     2021-09-14

There are many types of lead seals, and there are many styles in each category. Take the plastic seal among them, there are many styles and various locking methods. Plastic seals are classified according to the method of locking, including single button locks, double button locks, tightening locks, and bolt locks. The most common of these is the single-button lock. The plastic seal using this type of lock is very convenient to apply. A simple seal can be realized by crossing the long strip across the lock body.

And the single-button plastic seal can also greatly shorten the production period, because its production does not require any external processing, and is directly molded according to the mold, which greatly improves the production speed of the seal manufacturer. Compared with single button locks, the tightening locks are more complicated in the process. The plastic seals adopting the tightening locks often add a stainless steel sheet inside the lock to prevent the seal from being pulled out after being inserted. Because of the addition of this stainless steel sheet, plastic seals often require more production steps, but this also adds a bit of safety to plastic seals. There are many other lock styles for plastic seals, and the choice of lock should also be determined by the industry.

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