What matters should be paid attention to when applying blockade?

by:Liaoseal     2021-07-20

1. When using the blockade, if the identification and numbering of the lead seal are found to be unclear, they must promptly report to the relevant person in charge and replace them in time.

2. Sealing personnel have no right to unseal the can mouth device of the vehicle under normal sealing.

3. All drivers are not allowed to change the lead seal and impose a blockade. If an abnormal situation is found inside, it must be sealed on site and signed by the customer. At the same time, it will report to the operating staff and confirm the management.

4. Drivers are only limited to sealing the tank mouth of the vehicle on site.

5. If other personnel need to activate the lead seal due to work needs, and the blockade is imposed, they should notify the customer to open the seal together, and then re-seal the seal.

6. When sealing the can mouth device, the identification and serial number on the lead seal and seal must be clearly visible.

7. The length of the sealed wire head should not exceed 1.5 cm. The excess wire rope must be cut with diagonal pliers to disperse the head of the exit wire.

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