What procedures do I need to go through if the container seal is damaged?

by:Liaoseal     2021-03-28
High-security seals, as long as the designated shipping management personnel or security supervisor have access to the high-security seals and seals for recording. The locking, replacement, recording and tracing of container sealing strips are performed by the factory’s shipping and security supervisors, and the relevant sealing strip records should be kept. Procedure Regarding the incoming raw materials: the manufacturer must check whether the seal is intact. The seal number and the seal indicated on the bill of lading are damaged due to the reasonable inspection performed by the relevant person (customs officer, messenger). Customs officer/ The messenger indicated this inspection on the bill of lading. When loading the whole container in the factory, the seal must be affixed to the full container. The seal number must be recorded on the bill of lading. The driver should be provided with a spare seal. If the original seal is damaged in transit (by a government official), the arrangement for entering the container (by messenger or customs) must be indicated on the bill of lading. Then, the driver should stick the spare seal on the container and record the new seal number on the bill of lading. This procedure is the same for box trucks or trucks. When the container leaves the factory and arrives at the destination, if the seal breaks, it should immediately report to the factory's representative, and the factory should immediately arrange for personnel to inquire about the reason for the seal damage. If it is damaged due to unknown reasons, the forwarder should be told to return the goods. The factory must open the container and unload all the goods, and unpack and check from the beginning. Moreover, it is necessary to unpack or unpack the packaging bag, and check with the materials saved during packing to check whether the content of the box label fits the packaged goods, and pay special attention to materials such as the color, quantity, gross weight and gross weight of the goods.
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