What role does the container seal play?

by:Liaoseal     2021-03-22
Perhaps it is very unfamiliar to container seals, but in fact it is a container seal. Different people call the product name differently, so its usage is actually the same as the container seal. The container seal is a kind of equipment in which the goods are loaded into the container and the door of the container is properly closed. Seals have many different meanings, such as customs seals, commodity inspection seals, and commercial seals, because of the different personnel installed. Once the seal is locked, it cannot be opened again. Because it is a one-time lock, if you want to open it, you can only do violent damage. Of course, the damaged seal cannot be used normally. Each seal will have a special serial number when it leaves the factory. There are two types of serial numbers: laser engraving and hot stamping. The serial numbers are unique. As long as the appearance of the container is intact, the seal is also intact, and someone supervises the packing, it can indicate that the container has not been opened in transit. The container number is the only identification number on the container body. The seal number may be changed during the shipping process of the container. In other words, there may be multiple seals during the shipping process. So the number on the seal is very important. It is related to the goods in the container, maybe one or more. A container can contain many goods, and there can be a demand order number, but the container number is still only corresponding to the seal number. Once the seal number does not correspond to the container number, it can indicate that the goods in the container have been passive (except for the re-installation of the seal in the customs inspection).
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