What should I do if the container seal is damaged during use?

by:Liaoseal     2021-08-02

Container seals are also common high-security seals. Because they are used in places where the value of goods such as containers is relatively large if the high-security seals are found to be damaged due to various special reasons after leaving the factory, the container driver should immediately notify the factory and the factory will arrange the relevant The person in charge goes to the designated place, prys open the container, carefully counts the goods, carefully observes whether there are any missing boxes or excess items, and asks the cause of the damage to the cargo transport driver, and takes a few clear pictures where they are stored. The sealing factory must Prepare the high-security seal by yourself, ask the freight forwarder to provide the new high-security seal number, and notify the change of the loading record, change the new high-security seal, and report this to the customer.

If the high-security seal has lock necrosis, change the lock, etc., in the factory, immediately report the situation to the forwarder. Please purchase a new high security seal that meets the requirements, and also need to know the title. When the container is loaded, use it first The factory-provided high-security seals are sealed and a few cleaning photos are taken and kept there. When the container is transported to the site, the freight forwarder should block and keep it at the factory. When the correct high-security seals are sealed and the new ones are sealed, the forwarder is required to take photos and provide them to the locker. To seal the company, check whether the high security seal provided by the lock seal company and the new high security seal is exactly the same. The lock seal company keeps a copy for filing and submits it to the guests. After the container enters the port of transportation, it is necessary to carefully review whether the arrival information is consistent with the packing list information retained by our company. If any discrepancy is found, immediately inform the freight forwarder and find the reason.

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