What should I do if the management of the lead seal and the lead seal number are wrong?

by:Liaoseal     2021-09-30

Sellers in the seal industry may encounter the wrong seal number. What should I do if this happens? Today, I will share with you the management of the seal and what to do if the seal number is wrong. When the company purchases the seals, the purchasing department and the technical department are responsible for the coordination. The purchasing department is responsible for finding sources and asking prices, while the technical department is responsible for checking the product quality, seal numbers and templates of the seals.

The technical department is also responsible for the daily management of lead seals and the disposal of discarded lead seals, and it also cooperates with the business department to make inspection records of lead seals. The technical department and the business department shall count the quantity of the lead seals used this month and the scrapped seals, build files and recycle the scrapped seals to the material department every month. There will be the following penalties for mismanagement of lead seals:

1. If the lead seal is lost due to improper storage, a fine shall be imposed on the liability.

2. If the lead seal and lead sealing pliers are transferred to others without permission, different fines shall be imposed depending on the severity of the transfer.

3. If there is an error in the number of lead seals, relevant responsibilities should also be investigated. If you find that the seal number is wrong, you must contact the seal manufacturer in time and ask the seal manufacturer to change the corresponding number, so as not to affect normal sales.

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