What should I pay attention to when applying steel wire seals to trucks?

by:Liaoseal     2021-09-21

Wire seals are often applied to containers or trucks. There are many problems that should be paid attention to when sealing and unsealing. Let me share with you what you need to pay attention to when sealing steel wire seals on trucks. When sealing the steel wire seals, use thick lines to tighten the buckle and the nose of the lower part of the doors on both sides. Make sure to apply a steel wire seal on each door. After applying the seal, check the locking of the steel wire seal in time to see if the lock is useful, and check whether the door is swinging open.

Mark the O lock and its sealing number on the truck loading list and the goods waybill or the envelope of the freight receipt. Trucks with only one door buckle on each side of the door structure should be sealed, and the upper part should be sealed. When the upper part of the door is damaged or the lower part of the buckle needs to be sealed during the repair, the sealing unit shall have a clear record. Stations should also establish guidelines for the collection, issuance, use, and destruction of steel wire seals, and register according to the seal number, and their responsibilities should also be assigned to themselves.

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