Where are smart seals generally used?

by:Liaoseal     2021-04-11
At this stage, the smart seal system is mainly used for transportation and transportation, bank cash transportation vehicles, special goods transportation, medicine transportation, tobacco transportation and other transportation areas. Lead seal manufacturers believe that using this smart lead lock suspension lock at the door lock hole of the delivery vehicle can effectively ensure the safe delivery of the goods in transit and reduce the possibility of the goods being replaced or lost during the transportation process. Because of the limited space, lead seal manufacturers use the intelligent sealing system in the field of logistics transportation. The function and characteristics of the smart wire lock The shape of the smart wire lock is similar to that of a live lock. It mainly consists of confirming bolt, keyhole (lock), LCE display, on/off button and password number key. The use of smart seals in the transportation profession. The features of smart lead locks include: smart seals require specific digital dynamic passwords to enable smart seals and actively store the corresponding opening and closing records; as a smart seal system When it is open or closed, dynamic information is sent in real time, and the intelligent lead sealing system monitors the terminal for long-distance notification through network channels. The alarm function is illegally opened. When the intelligent lead seal is forcibly opened or destroyed, it will proactively announce a long-distance alarm; the alarm information compensation function ensures that important data is not lost; long standby time, built-in battery and universal charger, battery Can be used for 60 days. In view of the advantages of the smart seal system in the logistics process, the new smart seal is determined on the LCE display screen. Display on and off status; power and signal status; password input will show the password number key on the display screen.
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