Where is the container lead blockade? How to open?

by:Liaoseal     2021-05-13

Today, I will share relevant knowledge about container lead blockade. First of all, let's introduce the location of the container lead blockade. The correct position of the lead lock of the container should be like this: there are two poles on each of the left and right doors. When closing the door, close the left door first, then buckle the left buckle, and then close the right door buckle. The buckle on the right.

In fact, no matter which door is sealed with lead, it can guarantee the closing of the box door, but strictly speaking, it is from the left to the right. This is where the correct lead blockade is. Know the location of the container lead blockade, then how to open it?

This is also a professional question. Container lead seals are the same as plastic seals. They are both disposable locks and can no longer be used after they are damaged. Each lead seal has a unique number. During customs inspection and customs transit, it is necessary to check whether the lead seal is complete. When opening, the external force is required to cut the lead seal.

Customs officers affixed their own seal after the inspection, telling everyone that no one can open or damage it without authorization.

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