Where is the lead seal mainly used?

by:Liaoseal     2021-04-02
The first thing we are talking about here is the time when the customs should add lead seals and the strict management rules of the customs on lead seals. The primary intention is to maintain the safety of the goods. Generally, the customs will impose seals in the following two situations : Customs unpacking and inspection. Customs inspection means that the customs officers open the container or take out all of it for inspection, in order to prevent the cargo owner from thinking that it was illegally inspected by others. A customs seal is attached to indicate that it was inspected by the customs. At the same time, it is necessary to write down the customs seal number on the customs inspection records. Customs transit. Customs transit means that the goods imported from the port customs are forwarded to the inland customs for declaration. For example, the imported equipment for the West-East Gas Pipeline is imported from Tianjin Port, so the customs officer of Tianjin Customs needs to seal it with a customs seal, indicating that the contents of the container have not been taxed and no one is allowed to dismantle it. You only need to go to Urumqi Customs to declare and pay taxes before it can be demolished. Customs-supervised goods, without the approval of the customs, shall not be opened, extracted, handed over, shipped, interchanged, modified, pawned, pledged, lien, transferred, replaced by symbols, transferred to other uses or other disposal. The seals imposed by the customs shall not be opened or damaged privately. Lead seal is a device similar to a lock applied by a specific person after the goods are loaded into the container and the door is properly closed. Lead seals can be divided into customs seals, commodity inspection seals, and commercial seals based on the person applying them. Once the lead seal is properly locked, it cannot be opened unless it is violently damaged (ie, cut), and the damaged lead seal cannot be used from the beginning. Each lead seal has a unique number identification. As long as the appearance of the container is intact, the container door is properly closed, and the lead seal is properly locked, it can be proved that the container has not been opened privately during transportation and the condition of the container is supervised by the packer during packing. Customs seals are not allowed to be opened at will, and they are legally responsible.
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