Why do car license plates use lead seals?

by:Liaoseal     2021-03-17
Rules of the Road Traffic Safety Law: Motor vehicles traveling on the road must hang their own vehicle’s motor vehicle number plate and keep the number plate clear, and must not intentionally deface or obscure the motor vehicle number plate. Failure to hang the vehicle’s number plate will be punished by 200 Yuan fine and 6 points for driving license. If it is due to natural wear that the suspension cannot be properly suspended, it is necessary to request a replacement at the local vehicle management office in time. If it is not suspended according to the rules and has not been reissued, it will be deemed as not suspended according to the rules. This gentleman will be punished by the traffic police, keeping in mind that the lead seals on the car license plates will be checked frequently in the future whether they are in normal use. The license plate with a fixed lead seal not only prevents theft, but also increases the handling of dismantling the license plate by the car owner. Lead seals belong to disposable locks, such as plastic seals, lead seal beans, and high-security seals. Once opened, they cannot be reused. Therefore, if the car owner removes the lead seal on the driving license, it will be negative. Those who are legally responsible will be subject to certain sanctions. If the lead seal is right or wrong, it cannot be used normally for artificial reasons. The car owner needs to go to the traffic police department to clarify the situation and request replacement of the lead seal. The editor here again reminds broad car owners that they must check the lead seal on the license plate in time and abide by the traffic laws. If your friends need lead seals, you can contact the editor. The lock industry specializes in producing various lead seals. Quality assurance, welcome to call for consultation.
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