Why does the lead seal need to be customized?

by:Liaoseal     2021-05-16

Lead seal is a special product, most of which are made to order. Many customers ask me about the production progress from time to time after placing the order. Some customers urged the delivery within two days after placing the order. Here I will introduce the process and cycle of lead seal customization.

If the lead seal is to be customized, the customization cycle generally takes about a week, and some operation procedures and procedures are messy or even longer.

Processes and processes The production of lead seals also has many processes and processes, such as injection molding, laminating, cutting, assembling, opening molds, laser printing or hot stamping, threading, etc. It can be said that the production of lead seals is composed of a series of process cooperation, without any process in the process. Therefore, the lead seal production cycle requires a longer period of time, especially for a large number of orders.

The reasonable organization of production The reasonable organization of production is mainly considered from two aspects: the time of ordering and the urgency of customer needs. Generally, the first-come-first-served policy is followed, which is to organize production according to the time of the order. It is impossible for every order to be produced in the queue. If that happens, it will be messy. Unless the customer is really in a special situation and is anxious to receive the goods, he can organize it first.

The control of the cost is the same as the production of the lead seal. For example, 1,000 seals for a certain type of seal, 1,000 green, 2,000 for another customer, and 5,000 green, so you have to wait for the demand to be almost satisfied. Only when the time is divided can the filler be produced by the machine, otherwise no matter it is the damage and spoilage of the material.

The wear and tear of the machine is still very uneconomical. In order to save costs and minimize manufacturing costs, the factory must produce on a large scale. Therefore, some customers may have a misunderstanding, why I only ordered 1000, and I haven’t done it yet. That’s because 1000 alone can’t organize production. They have to merge with other customers’ orders to reach a certain amount. Will organize production in a unified way.

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